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Quick Tips to Winterize Your Vehicle  

Winter will be here before you know it, and no one wants to be caught out in the cold. Prepping your vehicle for winter is an easy checklist you – or a mechanic – can tackle. And doing so will make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for whatever throws at you this year.

Breeze through our quick list, and visit us at On 3 Dyno. To guarantee your vehicle is winter ready before  the frost can settle in.

Have your vehicle serviced by a mechanic

Scheduling an appointment for your vehicle not only keeps you accountable for getting your car winter ready. It also ensures that things mechanics are familiar with will get properly checked. For instances, belts, hoses, wires, cables, spark plugs and more. Are all the things to check before temperatures drop below freezing. A mechanic is not only familiar with these parts of your car, but can efficiently and quickly ascertain in what shape they’re in and if you need repairs. Give your trusted mechanic a call and give them this quick list of things to check out for you.

  • Battery – with each degree dropped, battery power decreases. It takes more energy to start your car when its cold. Making sure your battery is in good shape prevents you from getting stranded somewhere with a car that wont start.
  • Cooling system – for cooler climates its recommended to keep a 50/50 or even a 70/30 ratio of antifreeze to water. Why? Doing so helps prevent corrosion and potential freezing. Your mechanic or technician will know what antifreeze is optimal for your vehicle what water/coolant ratio to maintain your vehicle’s best shape.
  • Routine check – belts, spark plugs, wires, cables, brakes, hoses, – all of the above. All these things can go wrong at any point during the year, but it would be especially bad if they did while you were out during a storm. A quick routine check could save you from being stranded somewhere you don’t want to be.


Tires play a critical role in your vehicles ability to handle the snow – so make sure they are winter prepared! While some areas require specialized winter tires, New Mexico doesn’t necessarily need them. While it does get cold here, New Mexico doesn’t hover at super low temps for long. Which is when normal tires start breaking down in subzero weather. So for the four corners area, there’s really two things to remember about winter and tires: pressure and traction.

With dropping temperatures your tire pressure naturally fluctuates with the weather, but also leaves you with lower pressure than your tires require. And with low pressure you run the risk of tires that wont grip properly and leave you susceptible to not getting the traction you need to safely steer and stay on the road . No one wants to be caught off guard while driving, but especially not so when snow and ice are involved. Low temps mean low tire pressure which equal low traction: not a good mix. By checking your vehicles tire placard or your owner’s manual, you can quickly find out what PSI your tires need to be at for optimal driving conditions. Checking your tire pressure frequently in the winter months can ensure your tires are where they need to be to keep you safe and happy on the road.

So don’t let winter catch you by surprise . Call On 3 Dyno today and schedule an appointment to get your vehicle winterized. Whatever New Mexico winter might bring this year, you’ll be prepped, safe, and ready to face the cold this winter.