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Three Reasons You Need Your Brakes Checked In Farmington By A Professional!

Hearing funny sounds when you need to slow down your vehicle? Have you noticed your car feeling bumpy when you try to slow down? Or how about almost rear-ending that car in front of you that had to slam on their brakes? These are just a few indicators that your brakes may need to be inspected. As a standard practice, it’s best to get your car’s brakes checked every six months, or every time you get your tires rotated. But if you drive in heavy bumper to bumper brake traffic, or do lots of downhill driving, you may need yours checked sooner.

So while there are many signs that you should get your brakes checked, here are the three most evident signs to the everyday driver.  

Vehicle Responsiveness

If you’re a daily driver – as most of us are – you’ll probably start to notice this warning sign first. As you’re trying to slow your vehicle down for a stop, it will start taking longer and longer to come to a complete stop. While different weather conditions can affect how quickly cars can come to a complete halt, its evident when you almost creep into the intersection when you’ve clearly started pressing on the brake in time. This is a good time to seek professional help and see just how worn out your brakes may be.

Noise, Noise, Noise

We’ve all heard it. Whether it was your vehicle or someone near you, we’ve all heard the awful screech of bad brakes. This is probably the most evident sign that you are in definite need of new brakes. Most brake pads have a noise indicator when the pad is low and in need of replacing. This not only makes the noise that you hear but prolonged use like this can wear through the remaining pad and cause severe damage to the rotors as well safety issues to your vehicle. So don’t just turn up your music and try to drown out the screech, get your car scheduled at On 3 Dyno & Performance today to get it working in its best shape!

Brakes Pulling or Swerving

Maybe you’ve missed the squeal of your brakes, and maybe you’ve gotten used to the delayed time it takes you to slow down, but chances are you’ll notice that your vehicle pulls or swerves one direction when you brake hard. Because the brake pads are wearing down unevenly, this causes the vehicle to swerve when the brakes are applied with force. Not only is not safe, the longer it goes unfixed, the more dangerous it is for driving conditions.

The braking system is a complex unit that requires care and maintenance, just like the rest of your vehicle. There are lots of components that work together to make your braking system what it is, and having a professional makes all the difference. Not only does the staff at On 3 Dyno & Performance in Farmington NM know what to look for, but they’re also familiar with install, products, and things that could be going wrong that are easily missed with an at-home brake inspection. Don’t risk your safety – or that of others – come in today and let us make sure your vehicle is braking just like it should so you can get going where you need too, safely.